Our Vision

Our vision is that Cambodian people can realize the benefits of life insurance and choose the appropriate coverage based on their financial situation and value of life.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to lead creation of financial security for people by extending effective protection for their value of life together with financial planning advice and service excellence provided by our sincere and highly competent agents, partners and employees.

Our Values

  • Faith - happily providing life insurance, willing to help people understand the benefits & value of life insurance
  • Responsibility - focusing on achieving goals & objectives, being professional, ethical & respect the rights of others
  • Sincerity - being trustworthy to customers & suppliers, being open in communication & providing service over expectation 
  • Self-development - having strong mind, clear vision, creativity & hunger for new knowledge contributing to ultimate success 
  • Teamwork - being cheerful & proactive at work and efficient in coordination & communication to attain desired results.

Our Products

Bangkok Life Assurance (Cambodia) PLC. and its group have engaged in developing a wide range of savings and protection products to meet people's needs of financial planning continuously which include health care product for elderly, retirement savings products to support post retirement expenses, and also mortgage and credit life products that have been developed in terms of protection and premium payment period to match with people's liabilities by exploiting the right financial planning without being overburdened.

In the light of this, all new product developments are required to both answer customers' needs and to be sustainable for the business in the long run.

Our Services

The company's services focused on customers and partners in each channel such as Bancassurance, and particularly Staff. We focus on increasing the number and quality of staff to be accessible effectively to all people. By improving the quality of financial advisor team to be adequate in numbers in order to provide personal financial planning services to customers in a variety of solutions. 

Assuring people is our goal; penetrating market is our objective. Professional service is our guideline.